A key part of our program is the homestays we offer with selected Costa Rican families in Heredia. All students are encouraged to participate in this opportunity, as it provides an invaluable source of Spanish instruction as well as a wonderful interpersonal experience. In general, homestays are regarded as the most effective way to put into practice the Spanish you learn in the classroom. Living with a family who speaks no English, in combination with intensive study, provides a wholly integrated exposure to both the language and the culture. In this way the learning process is greatly facilitated, as is the speed with which fluency is acquired.

Homestays also provide an economical alternative to hotels, as breakfast, dinner, private room and laundry service are all included in the price. Probably the most valuable aspect of the homestay experience, however, is the opportunity to really get to know a Costa Rican family, making many new friends and experiencing first-hand the famous Costa Rican warmth and hospitality!


If you prefer not to participate in the homestays we will be happy to help you make alternative living arrangements, either in hotels, pensions or furnished apartments.

"I was very impressed with the professional manner in which the school was run. Both the teachers and directors were very accommodating in tailoring a program to fit my specific skills and needs....The classes were demanding and interesting....My experiences with both the school and the family were exceptional."

-- Tracy Hicks, BA Sociology / Psychology