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Intercultura Spanish Language School in Costa Rica: Education Within Cultural Immersion


The primary goal of Intercultura is to teach you the Spanish language in a warm yet intellectually challenging environment. Classes at our city and beach campuses are conducted entirely in Spanish, providing students from all over the world with a complete and intensive learning experience. Our professors have advanced university degrees and teaching certification, and we are accredited through the US university system, offering undergraduate credit to those interested. In addition, you have the opportunity to come to know Costa Rica, its traditions and its rich cultural heritage by participating in our daily cultural and extracurricular activities.

On a larger scale, we hope to promote global awareness and tolerance through this sharing of cultures. We believe that participation in programs such as this one teach not only a new language, but also effective tools for communication and understanding in the constantly evolving world culture in which we live.


Intercultura's Spanish program uses a combination of immersion teaching methods centered around the Communicative Approach. Our aim is to enable students to really express themselves in the language. Instead of a traditional grammar program, classes are designed to provide balance between theory and practice. The course incorporates all aspects of language acquisition: conversation, grammar, reading, listening, writing, general comprehension and idiomatic expressions. In addition to formal textbooks, we use a wide variety of current materials: newspapers, literature, audio-cassettes, videos, advertisements, music, short stories and more. Classes also incorporate field-trips and out-of-class learning experiences by taking students to practice their Spanish in marketplaces, museums, buses, restaurants, and other areas where communication practice is a necessity. Thus classes remain interesting as well as educational!

Our core Spanish program consists of twelve different levels, from complete beginner through advanced. After these have been completed, students continue with six additional levels of high-advanced to superior level Spanish, which develop upon the literature used in lower levels and intensify work towards full proficiency in the various areas of language acquisition. Also covered at these levels are complex field projects, current events, linguistics, regional language usages and Costa Rican history. In addition, we have specialized courses for those who wish to study specific topics such as business, medical or media Spanish.

" In my role as a trainer of teachers, I am keenly aware of what constitutes effective instruction...[and] as an educator, I recognized and experienced first-hand the excellence of Marcelo's instruction.....[He] has the ability to explain grammatical concepts with great clarity...he constructed excellent visuals which helped me comprehend and use the new learning. Equally effective was his insistence that all newly learned grammar be applied in conversation....It is my belief that [he] is an outstanding instructor, one of the finest I have encountered in my work as an educator."

-- Marc Becker, PhD, Director of high-school district Research and Assessment.