Costa Rica Seminar

One Seminar, One Source to learn everything
you need to know about traveling, living, retiring,
or working in Costa Rica.

Join us on the LAST THURSDAY and FRIDAY of ANY MONTH in San Jose (Please confirm dates around Holiday times. No seminar in December) to find out more about what it is like to live in Costa Rica, and how to go about getting things done here.  We invite professionals from each field to share their knowledge and expertise with you.  Hear what they have to say and ask them the questions you have not found the answer to.

– Costa Rican Laws and Regulations
– Banking in Costa Rica
– Health System in Costa Rica
– Moving and Customs
– Buying, Selling or Renting Real Estate
– Insurance in Costa Rica
– Title Guarantee
– Living in Costa Rica
Technology, Communications
and the Internet in Costa Rica
See what past attendees have said about the seminar:“The ARCR is doing a terrific job. I feel as though I already have a support system.”“Great seminar, excellent topics, excellent speakers”

“This was a very informative seminar, and over an excellent lunch we were given the opportunity to meet some new friends.”

During past seminars, we have handed out surveys to our quests, requesting feedback on the quality of the seminar. Below you will find the average ratings in various categories. The scoring was based on a score of 1-5, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.

Topics Avg. Rating
Seminar Overall 4.42
Topics Given 4.46
Quality of Information 4.29
Quality of Speakers 4.27
Written Supplements 4.10
Length 4.10
Lunch 4.13

All seminars will be available to ARCR members for only $50, which will cover the cost of lunch and coffee break for two days.

The cost for non-members is $70 (including the $50 for lunch and coffee), but if you join by the end of the Friday seminar, $20 will be deducted from the membership fee!

Please Make your RESERVATION by calling us at
(506) 4052-4052 or (506) 2220-0055 

Fax: (506) 2-255-0061
or by email: