Insurance in Costa Rica.

Insurance details


Many people hear about the great health system when visiting or moving to Costa Rica, but if you relocate here, you are also going to need to research your insurance options, and ARCR can assist you.

It is necessary to know there are two independent systems for health care. The public sector known as the CCSS, and the private sector compiled of many individual doctors and hospitals.

The Government run sector does not actually accept any insurance, and you must be affiliated to their system which, while not actually insurance, requires a monthly payment with the amount set by your own income levels. While very effective for the general population, many members of the ARCR prefer the efficiency and faster access offered through the private sector.

Next is the INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros) is the government insurance company, which was a monopoly until recently. They sell all kinds of insurance through agents, including medical insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, and so forth.

Their health insurance plans are reasonably priced, and work well for many who relocate to Costa Rica. ARCR has a GROUP POLICY for its members at an advantageous rate.  There is a  regional insurance, which works well for Costa Rica and Latin America, which many ARCR members opt for. There is also a global coverage available, so be sure to ask about all your options.

Auto insurance basic coverage is very inexpensive and not worth not having for third party, the rest of the coverage can add up, but the insurance does work very well. The fact that less than 50% of the motorists have this voluntary insurance is more of an incentive to purchase it, so that you are covered if an uninsured motorist hits you as well.

Home insurance for natural disasters is also very reasonable, and covers most everything you can imagine. While construction methods are excellent, floods and quakes do occur, so insurance coverage may be wise. And there is no need to worry about stability, as the Insurance institute and the country are reinsured by the largest companies worldwide.

Other types of insurance are also available, for liability, equipment, theft, workers compensation, and so on. Your need for any of these will depend on what your activities will be in Costa Rica, and we can assist your selection through our agents at Latin American Coverage. It may be nice for you to know that litigation is not rampant here, and liability is generally only needed by those with high risk adventure companies, such as river rafting or bungy jumping.

Furthermore you have the option of a global health insurance, though if not already purchased, you would be best to wait until you visited here to find your best options. For example by attending the monthly ARCR seminar.

So depending on your health status, your budget, and where you intend to be, the ARCR can assist you in choosing the insurance coverage(s) right for you. we work with Latin American Coverage so that you can gain easy access to the insurance plan that suits you, and with English guidance and information.