Why Join ARCR as a Resident?

As A Resident Of Costa Rica
ARCR is a member driven organization. The larger the membership, the more influence the group has with government, the larger the discounts on insurance & goods and services, and the more new services can be introduced. Some of the current benefits to members are:

  • Processing of resident government file updates, and identity card renewals.
  • Providing assistance in dealing with various government departments.
  • Referrals to reliable suppliers and professionals as required.
  • Provision of discounted medical and household insurance.
  • Full insurance service in the ARCR offices, including insurance for health, home and vehicles.
  • Rapid, safe international mail and courier service
  • Property or vehicle title search. ARCR computers are on line with the computers at the Central Registry of Costa Rica. Full details on ownership and charges against vehicles and property are available to members for a small fee.
  • Company name searches. ARCR computers are on line with the Company Registry, and so it is possible to find out if company names are available, or if companies are registered with the government.
  • Personal or Company credit studies. ARCR computers are on line with the data bank computers of credit agencies. Checks to show how businesses or individuals manage their financial affairs and is available to members.
  • In the ARCR office photocopy, fax, mail delivery and document translation services are available to members.
  • Access to membership in Costa Rica Asistencia, for emergency road service.
  • Working papers for domestic employees.
  • Hundreds of merchants and professional services are available to members at a discount simply by showing the ARCR membership card. Most merchants display the ARCR decal at their place of business.
  • Includes subscription to the bi-monthly ARCR magazine El Residente.
  • Social Activities and trips are held by ARCR to provide networking possibilities and fun activities for members.