One source for retirement, living and travel in Costa Rica!For over 35 years, the ARCR has assisted those living or retiring in Costa Rica and those considering moving here.

Living in Costa Rica can be exciting

But also challenging. Our goal is to become your one source to relocate, retire, live and travel in Costa Rica. ARCR Administration S.A. (or ARCR) is an organization serves foreign residents in Costa Rica as well as people abroad who want to obtain residency in Costa Rica. We serve members both prior to their move to Costa Rica and throughout their years of residency here. Main areas of activity are:

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Information to live in and move to Costa Rica. For over 20 years, the ARCR has offered assistance to individuals and families in relocating to Costa Rica. Many relocation questions are always asked, ARCR is your experienced information source for all your relocation concerns, answers and help.

You can obtain auto insurance, home fire and theft insurance, liability, medical, life, general accident insurance, hurricane, earthquake and flood insurance. To navigate through the intricacies and make the best choices, ARCR is here to explain the best options

Is immigration right for you? After you've stayed in Costa Rica awhile as a tourist, you may decide to immigrate to Costa Rica. Many people have made this decision based upon the friendly people, temperate climate, lower cost medical services and lower priced housing. Every decision to move, live, work or retire in Costa Rica is unique.

We also offer…

Seminario Informativo

Seminars on different areas for living in Costa Rica.

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Why Join ARCR as a Resident?

Social Activities for members.

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Residencia en Costa Rica

Once you are a provisional member, we can help you apply for residency status.

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¡Únase hoy a ARCR!

A discount program effective at many locations when you live in Costa Rica.

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Thinking Of Moving To A New Country?

Too many people make such a move emotionally. While how a person feels about a country, and it's physical attributes are important, it is also important to look at practical items which may cause frustration with your new home in the future. The check list below is meant only as a guide for your move- you will likely have additions to it, or perhaps some of the listed items are not of concern to you. Substitute your own questions. ARCR Administration will help you answer them with regard to Costa Rica.
El Residente magazine The El Residente is the newsletter of the ARCR, made for those wishing to retire, or move to & live in Costa Rica. It contains articles on immigration and residency, insurance, laws, clubs, stories, history, wildlife, and many other articles focused on living in the Costa Rica.
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The ARCR ForumsJoin us on our Forums, and interact with other members moving to or living in Costa Rica to share experiences, advice, and information. ARCR FORUMS - Retirement, Life, Work and Travel in Costa Rica.