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Learn Spanish Today
“Most Spanish courses teach a lot of vocabulary and grammar rules but when you’re done, you can’t actually speak Spanish… Visual Link Spanish™ teaches you to build sentences, ask and answer questions, and truly communicate in Spanish.”
– David S. Clark – Director of U.S. Institute of Languages®
Visual Link Spanish.

Book: Learn Spanish Today

The Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica
New edition is available for sale. Christopher Howard lives in Costa Rica full-time, and this book is a highly valuable resource for potential residents & investors, or people retiring to Costa Rica.
By Christopher Howard.


Book: Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica

Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica
Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica is a guide to moving, living, and working in Costa Rica. Learn how to live and fly for free, save money on ATM & currency transaction fees, earn a living in Costa Rica, move with children & pets, learn about the school systems, and step by step instructions for each process required to reset your life in the Pura Vida (pure life) of Costa Rica!
.By Shannon Enete.


Book: Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica

Retiring in Costa Rica: or Doctors, Dogs and Pura Vida
written to help Baby Boomers decide if it is feasible to retire in Costa Rica. Living abroad and traveling extensively in 50 countries, as well as having a Master’s Degree in Sociology from New York University, has given Helen a deep appreciation for the value of diverse cultures.
By Helen Dunn Frame.


Book: Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica

At Home In Costa Rica: Adventures In Living The Good Life
By Martin Rice.
This book discusses the four years Rice and his wife, Robin, have spent living in Costa Rica, organized into a series of letters that Rice sent home to friends and family.


Choose Costa Rica
Author of many retirement books, this is a useful reference guide full of useful information for those looking to retire in Costa Rica.
By John Howells.


Book: Choose Costa Rica for Retirement

The New Key to Costa Rica
18th Edition, 2006
; By Beatrice Blake, Anne BecherGood travelers guide for Costa Rica.


Book: The New Key to Costa Rica

Living Abroad in Costa Rica
By Erin Van Rheenen
Comprehensive, up-to-date guide available for those who want to move to (or just visit) this peaceful Central American republic, Costa Rica.


Book: Living Abroad in Costa Rica

The Legal Guide to Costa Rica
By Roger Peterson
A must have before buying, renting, or incorporating in Costa Rica!


Guide to Costa Rican Spanish
Pocket-size guidebook jam-packed with information to help you speak like a native Costa Rican. The ONLY book of its kind.
By Christopher Howard.


Book: Guide to Costa Rican Spanish

The Tico Times Annual Guide to Costa Rica


Costa Rica By Bus
By John Wood
A unique book on getting around Costa Rica on a budget.  Note there are NO bus schedules for the country, making this an invaluable resource.


Driving The Pan-American-Highway


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