Relocate to Costa Rica.

Relocating to Costa Rica details
In what area should I live? How can I ship my household goods to Costa Rica?
Which shipping company and port of entry should I use? Can I, or should I, ship my car down, or buy one here? What are the best schools for my children? Where can I get good medical services? Where can I meet other foreigners and like minded people? And, of course many other questions.

ARCR is your experienced information source for all your relocation concerns, answers and help. Our principal function is most definitely Information. You can read many books and websites on Costa Rica, to get well informed, but rules, regulations and laws change constantly, and the ARCR is live and more up to date than any printed material can be.

When you are making your decision to relocate, it is often helpful to attend our two day seminar which will cover many of your initial relocation questions. It can also help to germinate new questions on relocation topics you may not have even thought about.

The ARCR can help you directly with many relocation procedures, and also works with many relocation experts who can assist you with more complex issues, such as bringing your household goods or vehicle if you decide to.

Before relocating you will need to think about the many things you should do, or arrange, before moving to Costa Rica. Our handy checklist can help you ensure you have not missed any items.

Banking services, mail services, Drivers license, Internet & telephone needs, medical attention, education issues… the list of relocation issues can go on and on depending on your specific needs. We try to help guide you to make the best choice, but it is important that you make your own decisions.

For example, where should I live? While some people may answer the question for you, this can be a grave error. You need to investigate the different areas of the country, the services available, and the lifestyle and costs that will be affected depending on where you relocate. Only YOU can make the decision of where to live, as only you can know what your needs and preferences are. All the ARCR will do is help you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

It is also helpful to meet others who have relocated to Costa Rica, in order to share experience and wisdom in various aspects. Listen, but also take your time, look around carefully, and do your research. In the end this fact gathering should only be used to let you make your own decisions.

Relocation can be an exciting new adventure, but nowhere is paradise and wherever you go you will face new problems and issues which you may need to overcome, just be prepared mentally and you will do fine. And with over 20 years assisting people who are relocating to Costa Rica, the ARCR is prepared to answer most of the questions you may have. And in the case of special questions or needs, we will do our best to try to help you find the right answers.