Why Join ARCR as a Potential Resident?

As A Potential Resident Of Costa Rica
There are many ways the ARCR can help you as a new resident of Costa Rica. Here are a few:

  • Assistance within Costa Rica before you arrive, with advice, contacts and information. Also, information on what you must bring for residency purposes.
  • Recommendation of professional people who you can trust, including lawyers, accountants and other specialists.
  • Assistance with language.
  • Assistance in getting around the country when you arrive, and in selecting the area in which to live that best meets your requirements.
  • Recommendation of trustworthy real estate firms.
  • Assistance with importation of cars, furniture and personal effects through our office.
  • Assistance in locating various firms you may require who speak your language.
  • Assistance with government agencies and departments, and an explanation of local rules and regulations.
  • Assistance in establishing banking contacts.
  • Assistance obtaining a local drivers license.
  • Advice in how various investments work in Costa Rica.
  • Advice on insurance matters.
  • Costa Rican mail, fax, phone and E-mail addresses for messages are available until you become settled.
  • Working permits for domestic staff you may bring with you or hire here.
  • Arrange hotels and airport transfers for your arrival in Costa Rica.
  • Help arrange temporary accommodation while the members looks for a permanent residence.